Step-by-Step Design Process


Hello, all!! Hope you’re having a terrific Thursday! 

I am so excited to talk to you today about the step-by-step design process that I typically follow as I work alongside my clients! That’s right, you will have more insight into how I work and produce designs for YOU. 

  1. Inquiry
    • You, the potential client, send me an inquiry through either email, my website contact form or via private message on Facebook or Instagram. We will begin a conversation about your general request and how I, the designer, will be able to assist you in making your vision come to life. This can either be a digital design or physical product. We’ll discuss your budget and what exactly I can do to accommodate your request.

  1. Questionnaire + Inspo
    • Next, I will send a questionnaire about your project. This questionnaire will allow you to provide more details about your request and ultimately make it easier for me to design exactly what you are looking for. This questionnaire will also require a link to your inspiration for color palettes, fonts, textures, sample designs you love, etc. from Pinterest – so don’t forget to submit that as well! 

  1. Contract
    • After your questionnaire is submitted, I will email a contract for you to sign before I begin the design process.

  1. Design Proposal 
    • As soon as I receive the signed contract, all your hard work is complete! I will take it over from there. You should expect to receive a design proposal that summarizes your design request, as well as other details. The design proposal will ensure that my final product encompasses everything that you asked for and makes sure that we’re on the same page as I try to bring your design to life! 

  1. Approval
    • After careful review, you will either approve or disapprove the proposal. If you approve, we move on to the next steps of the process; if you do not, we would have a conversation to address your concerns. 

  1. The Design
    • When the design proposal is approved, the fun part begins! I get started on your designs! The number of design mock-ups that I send over to you will depend on the design package that you have opted for. 

  1. Choose a Design
    • Once you have looked over the mock-ups, you will choose one design that you want to push forward. 

  1. Refinement
    • After you have chosen a mock-up we will work together to make it even better. Through varying rounds of refinements, you will describe to me what exactly you would like changed in the design. Note: the number of rounds of improvements allowed will depend on the particular design package that you have opted for.  

  1. Congratulations!! 
    • Finally, once you have approved your design (yayy!), I will email your final design files and any other deliverables that were agreed upon in your design package! Your project is finally completed, congratulations!! 

I hope this was helpful in learning more about my process and how I work I hope I will have the opportunity to work with you! Feel free to contact me via Facebook or Instagram @pixelit.designs, email me at, or fill out the contact form on my website at ☺️

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